Tantra massasje


Tantra massasje kun for kvinner
Sagara Tantra Massage symbolizes the self-realization of your divine essence which is pure consciousness. The Sagara Tantra Massage derives from the Tantra tradition that you are the explorer of the Sagara (Sanskrit for “Ocean”) of your own inner ocean. The ocean within embodies an expression of your soul that is the unconscious, the dark, the shadow, the hidden depths, unexplored thoughts, emotions and feelings. The greatest gift in this meditative bodywork is discovering what is in your unconscious. Ultimately, you venture into the depths of your own inner ocean of consciousness (like the floor of the ocean, the depths of the ocean that remains unaltered by the movement of waves on the surface), referring to your Source, your soul essence, your essential nature, eternal and unchanging.


180 CM
85 KG

Drammen - 3001


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